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OT: Binkley report!!! Spaceballs coming to TV!!!!!


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Spaceballs Being Retooled for TV

Source:Variety January 20, 2005



Mel Brooks' wacky 1987 "Star Wars" spoof Spaceballs is being retooled for television via a three-way project involving the producer, MGM TV and German company BFC, reports Variety.


Brooks is partnering with Berliner Film Co., whose principal pitched the idea to the producer some months ago, and with MGM, which owns the rights to the original movie. Variety says the idea is to deliver an animated TV series that takes on the latest wave of sci-fi and fantasy icons, including the "Star Wars" prequels and "The Lord of the Rings."


Brooks will be working with his Producers collaborator Thomas Meehan, who co-wrote the Spaceballs movie, to produce the pilot and supervise the writing of the other episodes.


Brooks will again voice two of the returning characters, President Skroob and Yogurt. He's also voicing a character in 20th Century Fox's upcoming Robots.


Under the agreement with Brooks, BFC and MGM will produce an hourlong pilot and 13 half-hour episodes.

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Starting in Fall 2007, you'll be able to watch a brand new animated series based on Mel Brooks' classic comedy Spaceballs right here on G4.


Brooks co-wrote the Spaceballs: The Animated Series pilot with his frequent collaborator Thomas Meehan, who will oversee all writing for the first 13 episodes. Brooks will also lend his voice to President Skroob and Yogurt.


For those of you who might not remember the film Spaceballs, it's a Mel Brooks parody of large, brooding science fiction films. The cartoon promises the same brand of comedy. Look for the legendary Brooks satirical eye spoofing the biggest blockbusters of today as well as every genre of entertainment from movies and reality TV to culture and politics.


Neal Tiles, President of G4, said

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