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New Venue, Big Room!


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the backstory:



Got a booking inquiry from our website asking if we were available to play Sept 14 in a new venue. The emailer indicated that the room does not even have a name yet.... she was on vacation and would contact us when she returned... I blocked out the day but wasn't going to put too much hope into it....


Got another Email explaning that the room was a new addition to an older smaller casino and it had the tech listing with it 40 ch ADA board for mains 32 ch board for monitors, 8 subs, 8 tops, 1600 person max occupancy..... We were told that we were booked for the date, so I asked if I could check out the room



I got to the casino and meet with the emailer, she walks me to the events center, lo and behold the room is huge! A 40 ft by 20 ft stage with OH stacks on either side! It's about 100' to FOH mix position and there is at least another 50' behind that..


I'm stoked! now I just have to be able to wait until we play there....


I'm going to rehearsal tonight and I'm going to tell the guys that I checked out the room, but I;m not going to seem very enthusiastic, then I'm going to say 'I'm just not sure if we'll fit on the stage......... it's only 40X20......' or something like that....

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