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Amp has arrived


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Well, my Ebay-purchased GK1000 RB arrived yesterday. Got it home, plugged it in to my Nemesis 2x10 and it was pretty damn good.


Things seemed to ring more, more clarity, and more depth than the 2x8 combo and 2x10 combination. Nice rounded tone, smooth. Plenty loud. The boost dirtied things up pretty well.


More tone options of course with the four-band EQ, bottom, presence, and contour controls. I was able to get a very wide range of tones; the Nemesis was pretty much a one-trick pony.


I think I have a ground problem; getting a little crackle/pop when touching the strings. Flipped the ground switch, helped a little. I guess I need to make sure that the power source is well grounded.


All in all, a good purchase I think. This should be the last 'big' amp I need for a long while.

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