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OT: car repair cost comparisons


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Well, I'm not a frequent off-topic thread starter, but I know there is immense internet and experiential knowledge around here so thanks for reading. I'm going to be shopping for a used car, 2002 or newer, either a compact wagon or midsize sedan (a bit of room for child gear, music gear, and household purchases). Does anyone know of any sites that compare the COST of repairs done to make & models of cars. I mean comparing cost of parts and labor. I know multiple site to compare reliability, value, saftey, etc, but not repair costs.


Hyundai, esp. Sonatas, are a particular interest for those of you who own them.



For those who like to know why: I have an older Mazda Protege I bought 5 years ago because they were rated as reliable. It turned out fair, I guess, but needed repairs more than expected. Little repairs always cost a fortune because the parts were pricey. For instance, when I needed to replace a bulb, I would just find the most expensive one on the rack and it would usually be the one I needed. $5-7 for a taillight bulb! So I'm weighing buying an American car with a more decent repair record that's cheaper to fix and buy vs. a Korean or Japanese designed car with decent reliability w/o skyhigh resale. Likely a Ford Taurus sedan or Focus wagon vs. a Hyundai Sonata or Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe (same car).

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