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GK 700RB - questions for cabs...


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Hey hey,


I've got a GK 700RB, with a GK 15" cab. I think its the SBX? I know its rated 200W @ 8ohms. I'm using the speak-on cable aswell.


Firstly, what exactly does the full-range/bi-amp switch do on the back of the cab? The speaker blew recently and I had it replaced. The guy at the shop said "ahhh you've got it switched to bi-amp, that might be the problem" but when I got the cab back, I tried playing on Full-range and it just distorted the sound, badly. Its back on bi-amp now, and sounding fine.


Secondly, Is the amp too much for the 15" alone? should I be running another cab with it? which one (pref GK - I like brand-matching)? I was thinking a 2x10 purely for portability.



Thanks guys!

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