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OT: Believe it or not, I think_____ is hot, revisited!!!


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This was kind of interesting last time. The rules are as follows: Post a pic of an actress (or actor.... You ladies can play too, and those of you who entertain an alternate lifestyle......if you don't mind outing yourself) who most people wouldn't say was hot, but you dig.


Jessica Alba, Michelle Pfeiffer, etc. be damned!!!!


Bring them on!!!!


Oh....and DRF....... You're good looking......it's a given.....no posting yourself!julia_stiles_151.jpg


Julia Styles



Judy Reyes from Scrubs




And of course, Ricki Lake, who I won't post pics of, since she was used to hijack an thread recently.



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Rashida Jones. She is about the finest woman I have ever seen. Did you know she's Quincy Jones's daughter? And, also her sister dated Tupac?




Plus, she has the man I have always wanted as a father-in law for a Dad!!!


Gets out Hollywood phoe book....

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Whoa! That's not how I remember Jenna Fischer!


I think she's hot in The Office, too. Probably because I met my wife working in an office and we had that weird, inappropriate, non-really but really flirting thing going on for a long time before we ever got together. (I haven't watched much of The Office...just a bit of season 2...that seems to be what's going on with Pam and Jim at this point and it reminds me of that.)



Plus she's just hot. :D

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