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I want to try a 5 string, w/o breaking the bank. Any unsung hero bargains out there. What should I watch for on craigslist? Thanks.


I know, I know SXes aren't quite unsung, but you rarely hear talk about the 5 stringers. I have 2:




Well, that's the way they were when I bought them, and they were good. However, I wanted a badass style bridge. Finding one with the help of a fellow HCBFer, after I installed it, the wider spacing (oh yeah the spacing on the SX jazzes is close, good for converting guitarists like me) required pups that could pickup the outer strings, especially the B, better. To make a long story short, they now look like this:




mine are ash, so they are not the cheapest SX 5ers, but IMO, it would be hard to go wrong by trying one. :thu:

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