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Looking for acoustic fretless bass


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I'm looking for an acoustic fretless bass guitar,

that sounds similiar to the "double bass".


What do u recommend?

What are the differences between the options?

And if there is no fret sign on, can i add it?


Thank u for your'e help! :)

Eyal from Israel.

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I guess my budjet won't go above 1500$,

so i'll stay with the industrial ones.

& i think the full body is better for me.


So i've been doing a little searching,

looked over the web,

and all i found was:


Michal Kelly club custom 4 strings - 450$

Michal Kelly club custom 5 strings - 500$

Michal Kelly dragonfly 4 strings - 500$

Michal Kelly dragonfly 5 strings - 550$


JOHNSON - 453$

Breedlove Atlas ABJ25/CM4 4 Strings - 1000$


I thought the Breedlove should 1 level above all the rest,

but then i saw these reviews on it:


Features: 5.05

Quality: 5.10

Value: 5.10

Overall: 4.90

(Based on 21 ratings)



So, i really don't know what to do... :eek:

What do u think should i buy?

Are there any other not expencive full body types?


I really appriciate your help!


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