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Fantasy Film Fest - gonna catch some new horror flicks this week!

Taustin Powers

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So far on my schedule:


"La Antena" - not so much horror as just plain weird and cool-looking.


"Black Water" - kind of like Open Water, but in the Australian swamps with crocodiles. Should be cool!


"Welcome To The Jungle" - like Blair Witch, but this team was in New Guinea, looking for the lost Michael Rockefeller who disappeared in the area of cannibal tribes...


"Joshua" - an Omen-type movie, I think. small child = antichrist, psycho-horror, rosemary's baby has been mentioned


"Stuck" - stoned nurse hits dude with her car, parks car in garage with him still stuck in her windshield. Then goes inside to wait for him to die. This one's a true story! :eek:


"Botched" - British humor with lots of splatter and dismemberments, it sounds like!


"Dead Silence" - new movie by the "Saw" makers. More classical approach, sounds promising.


"The Signal" - bloody rage outbreak, reminiscent of 28 days later. Not sure if I'm gonna make this one yet...


"Free Jimmy" - Scandinavian animated flick, supposedly a "Shrek on Crack". This one's also on the "maybe" list.



Anyone already seen any of these?


Not too many classical "horror" movies this year, but these still sound promising. It will be a long five days though, but 1-2 movies every night! :D

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