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I went back to good old GHS Boomers.


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I'll give you the "any gig is a good gig" statement, especially as it pays my bills - Yay! ( I poop my diaper) - but that "more of a bass player" melarkey is a bunch of doo doo.........


I can't be 100% correct in every one of my posts all the time. If I were, people wouldn't love me as much as they do! No matter the reality, I must appear to be human. :freak:

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After playing Dean Markley steels for years. I went back to GHS because I got a bad batch of strings from DM that broke.

I really like Boomers, they work well and they are cheap. That is all.



I have been using them for years now.


I really like the sound on my 5'er. Meaty, punchy and lots of thump. :thu:

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