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Nut-Swap Torture! Kindness, please pick up the butterscotch courtesy phone...


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First off, let me give a BIG thanks to Kindness! Some of you may remember my B-E-A-D tuning thread from a couple of weeks ago. Kindness volunteered to help me switch out the nut on one of my Jazz basses so that I can get ready for a tryout for a metal/hardcore band that tunes A-E-A-D. He ended up opening up the slots on a standard off-the-shelf Jazz bass nut. Meanwhile, he guided my hand via email as I popped the old nut out of place, cleaned the slot, and, after he sent me the modified new one, installed said new nut.


BEFORE: Here is the bass pictured with the Rig of Doom:





Now for a little bit of torture...I have to wait a little while to give you an AFTER...I'll shoot some closeups when I get home.


Thanks again, Kindness!

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