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I think these photo's prove that I can do my B.C Rich justice! (on stage)


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Here's a few photos from my Session 69's gig on Monday night. Unknown to anyone at the time it was to be the last for our singer as he earnt himself a one way ticket outta the band that night.


Anyhoo here are a few of scary looking photos of me in Metalhead mode! :evil: Not my usual style! :D Oh and yes you can probably guess my girlfriend is an art student! Haha!








Because I'm worth it:



And the guitarist isn't! :D


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Well basically our now ex-singer isn't the best timing wise, or with a superb vocal range. But we have been working around it for months, going out of our way to help him as much as we can, but on Monday night his timing was just so pish poor. Forgot a verse and half a chorus on one of our own songs as well as several other quite bad mistakes! :rolleyes: I enjoyed the gig, but I was just paying attention to the drums tbh!


We got a whole load of bad feedback about the singer (which we have had before - but this was extremely crap) lots of people saying "why is he still singing for you? Your music's great, but he just lets you down". So that is that, I had seen it coming for a while, but hoped he would prove us wrong - but he didn't...


Play with matches and you're gonna get burnt - right?

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