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A question for those of you with kids...


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I'm really sorry you feel that way Dan. From my experience, I'd say that travelling with two is less stressful than one. My two kids would entertain each other on long trips. Of course there were times that they'd fight, but that was much less than the time they spent playing games and whatnot passing time.



That's what every parent with more than one kid says..I just don't see it, having come from a family of three kids. We didn't play or anything all we did was fight. Of course now 15 years later we get along, but there wasn't much getting along when we were younger. But honestly there's nothing to feel sorry for me about. You realize that you've been doing it for a while now and adapted to it..to those uninitiated to traveling with or even having more than one kid we see it a lot different.




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Letting them cry to sleep is the good old fashioned way but it's far from being the best. I did that too with my son and wish I hadn't. It's actually this method that leads to insecure, whimpy children.

The best way is to let them sleep with you, between the parents. Everybody will have a good night, no cries, no drama.

I call that bs.gif

My son is far from insecure or whimpy. in fact he is just the opposite, he is very independant and knows exactly what he wants in life,
I raised my son to be a man and that is exactley what he is.
parents can raise their son to be what they are supposed to be or they or they can be raised to be a limp wristed pantywaist either way it is the parents responsibility.

letting your kid sleep with you IMO is the best way to make a child insecure and whimpy

and the comment someone made about SIDS
studies are leaning towards the theroy most children who have died from sids died fron suffocation from being layed on their stomach.
there is a large amount of infands who have died from suffocation while sleeping with the parent because 1 either the parent rolled over on the child while sleeping or died because the parent covered the child up with the blanket while sleeping thus suffocating the child.
therefore it seems to me that allowing your infant to sleep with you contributes to SIDS than it helps prevent it.

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