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A lot has changed in a week... (gear acquisition & pics)


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So yeah. No faffing about.


Here's my new rig:




I got an Ashdown ABM 4x10 cab, the dealer was trying to get rid of all his old stock so he sold me a slightly older UK-made model at the price of a Chinese made model! :eek:


And I got the Warwick Thumb bolt-on 6 used. It's got Seymour Duncan Basslines instead of MEC pickups, which is pretty cool. I got it for a really good price from a Warwick endorsee who it was agreed will not be named (nobody really famous, but still) as he's getting his new custom shop model soon. Pretty good shape.


So yeah. Big rig, new bass. I'm happy!

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was just about to say, don't tell me you got rid of the BTB

that rig would be heaven to behold by the by...
gratz bro


Nope, I got the Thumb used so I didn't have to sell the BTB :)


I now have the Thumb tuned a whole-step down and the BTB regular tuning, it was such a pain to keep retuning the same instrument for my different needs. Plus they're two very different instruments and cover all bases!

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