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Is there anywhere I can get a replacement Ric pickup?


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Any part of a Rickenbacker on Ebay is going to sell for at least $100. I've been looking at Ric parts lately, but they're ridiculous on Ebay. Anyone with a Ric bass to sell would make more money selling it as parts on Ebay than as a whole bass.


The Bartolini pickups are excellent. I preferred them to the stock pickups in my '79 4001. They're not found in stores, you'd need to find an online retailer. I haven't heard the Duncans, but IMO in general Duncan makes pretty good sounding pickups.


If you want to get crazy, a guitar pickup will fit in the bridge pickup surround - I had an EMG HZ in my 4001 for a while, it actually sounded surprisingly not bad. I kept the pickup cover on, it might look odd if you keep yours off.

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