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FJA modded pedals: Review


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i picked up my o.d. and wah this morning from Jerry @ FJA. he has done alot of work for me and always delivered the {censored}!!:thu:

i had an old boss SD1 and a new Crybaby left over from my guitar rig. and you know how assy a guitar wah sounds when used for bass. and OD pedals arent much better. i had him totally change the voicing on the SD1 for bass frequencies, and add a bunch more gain to it and a blue LED. it sounds killer. i can run the drive half way up and its got a ton of overdrive. still looser and open though not "distortion". i dont lose any low end when i hit the pedal.

the wah is awsome too, added a blue on/off led. totally re voiced for bass frequencies. has alot more "sweep" to the "wah" now, and its almost phaser-ish when you work the pedal. theres alot of sound transformation from beginning pedal to end pedal. and the sound stays big when its engaged. for whatever its worth, i am impressed. i would recomend Jerry for anything.

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