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ever have one of those days were you feel cursed?


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Well, mine was yesterday evening & today..I managed to rip a gash in my left wrist on my filing cabinet while putting back a folder(bled profusely for nearly 30 minutes before it finally clotted with a couple of butterflies on it), managed to get stung about 2 hours later by 3 wasps on the same damn hand while unrolling garden hose at my girlfriend's house (2 got me on the middle finger knuckle and the 3rd one on my ring finger at the joint closest to my hand. I am not seriously allergic to stings(thank goodness) but my hand ended up swelling up like a catcher's mitt anyway and my fingers are stiff as a board. Top that off with a sinus infection and a backache that wont away, I feel like going to bed early and waking up to a new day is probably the wise thing to do.

The only upside to all this is that though we were suppose to have band rehearsal on Sunday(which we definitely need to do so we can start gigging soon) it is postponed due to the drummer not being able to make it.To be honest,its probably for the best as I cant imagine being able to play all day with my hand puffy and stiff like this anyway..

so any of you ever have a string of crappy luck just dropped on ya like a wet bird turd out of the blue you'd care to share?

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