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Help me figure out this bass...

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... Ok, so I have an old fretless that I learned to play bass on that has been sitting in a case, or a closet for years, and I finally decided I should do something with it.


I need new pots, because the knobs have fallen out of these and broken, and I want a new fretted neck. It'll be a pretty nice bass again once I get it sorted out.












So, first off, what is it? The only thing I have to go on is the neck plate, and if I understand this correctly it should be from 1973.


Is there any specific neck you guys might suggest? I don't ever really pay any attention to this crap.


Any how can I figure out how to replace the electronics in this thing? Really I suppose I just need new knobs, but I don't know if that is possible, or where I would look even if it was. I'd like to keep what's in there if possible, because I really like the sound... but I suppose anything will work.



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Might be hard to replace the pot on the printed circuit board, looks to be surface mount. You could unsolder the pot and then use small pigtails to connect to the solder pads on the PCB if you can't find a surface mount pot to work. Be very careful about how long you hold the iron to the joint. Small boards can be damaged from too much heat quickly.


25K Ohm pots are usually (?) used on active circuits. Should be able to find those pretty much anywhere online. I like StewMac but you can get those at any good parts supplier.

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