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Would it be proper to call Hooters a....


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The girls in that first picture are disgusting. Wouldn't touch 'em with a 20 foot pole. I thought hooters hired cute girls?


No. Hooters hires girls willing to put on the uniform, and it helps if they own pushy-up bras.


Much like the "Britney's fat" thread last week, I don't know what you guys are complaining about. Them girls may not be Playboy material, but I'd give em a holla in a club, provided they were old enough to get it.


Neither of the first girls look old enough to work at Hooters.

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Boobs are all fine and good but I likes me some RUMP!! ..............

I think I'll start a booty restaraunt

I'll call it "Pooters!"

On a related note, I am surprised some enterprising woman hasn't tried to compete with Hooters by opening a chain of sausage restaraunts with a name like "Big Johnsons" or something.

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