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Need help from Tasmanians!


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Firstly I'd like to apologise for taking an unannounced leave from the forum. I've been extremely busy lately with touring, gigs and other stuff.

I'm not sure if anyone missed me, but if you did: goodonya!


So here's my dilemma: around March this year I bought on ebay a home-made 2x10 cab in Tasmania. The item was pickup only, but I was planning a trip to Tasmania with my girlfriend and was gonna pick up the cab while I was there.


However, both myself and me missus suddenly became extremely busy and the trip never eventuated. Now the guy who sold me the cab wants it out of his office space... So I was wondering if anyone in Tasmania is willing to store this 2x10 (and of course use it as much as they want) until I get a chance to go down there (hopefully very soon)


Any kind of help is much appreciated.

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