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1) Acid Temple Mothers of the Cosmic Inferno

2) Boredoms



These are my favorite three...what are yours and why?


For 2) and 3) I love the blend of tribal drumming with tape manipulation with an all-arounf freak-out that would make FZ happy- and if still living maybe signed to his then nascent label.:thu:


1) Words are difficult to describe what's going on here. More freak-out to the nth power with albums in appreciation of Gong, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and others. Plus plenty of their own original material.


ATMCI is the best rock band in Japan- hands down!:cool:

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I cannot believe this- I am now going to load up this board with other five star artists who deserve appreciation threads:mad:


Artists you should know very well but apparently don't.:rolleyes:


This shall begin tomorrow AM- I will flood the page with 50 artists to start with. It shall stop only when you become informed.


Tomorrow 8 AM

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Thank God!

BOALG- I'm on serious ATMCI kick- you checked them out? I'm sure you know Boredoms music. OOIOO is all female, primal craziness.


i know the boredoms from first encountering Yamantaka Eye on a Naked City CD.


I've seen them in SF>


I onlyknow OOIOO from reading the name.


havent heard of the first band, i'll look em up.

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