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Am I a horrible person?

Optimus Prime

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I don't know about all that, but I do know that I CAN be a mother{censored}er. Plain and simple. It's there, it happens fairly often, and I don't mind. To start stuff, though? Rarely, if ever. I'm almost all reaction. I end up saying things that are "uncalled for", but, if I said it, it was wasn't uncalled-for. It was probably relevant as hell. I mostly attempt to be courteous, if I can help it.


That's in real life. Here? There is no "{censored}" here. Maybe at 4am, when I should be eating pillow, but not when I'm fully up and really thinking, and even when it is some {censored}, it's normally just... nothing.


Debate may have opposing arguments, but debate isn't arguing. Being honest is different from being an ass, but the lines are easily blurred. etcetc.


There should've been a point, but I really want some coffee.





Also, I'm big into wearing your faults on your sleeve, mostly because I hate lying, and I hate misdirection. I'm a prejudiced asshole when it comes to intellect, because I love discussing things and not having to explain myself repeatedly. I'm also somewhat of a hypocrite, because I hate prejudice of all forms, but I still participate in my own form of prejudice-driven behavior.


If it makes any difference, though, I'll never give a damn about how someone looks, or how they speak, or any of that stuff, especially if they've got something worth saying/hearing/thinking/expressing/etcetc.


Ya, coffee...

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Don't worry about it. Everyone grows balls behind the relative anonymity of the internet. People love to jump into discussions and argue about anything and everything. People are bound to get mad at you sooner or later for something.


Always remember - it really doesn't matter. This is the internet. For all you know the guy you're in a heated argument with could be sitting on the toilet with a laptop toggling between HCBF and youporn dot com. You never know.


Heck, I even had a guy threaten to kill me before (at a different non-bass related forum).

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