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I just got offered a record deal with Columbia Records!


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Run away!!! Sony Records (now the parent of the old columbia record club) NEVER forgets. They are even more aggressive bill collectors than the IRS!!!!


I once walked past a pay phonje in an unfamiliar city. It rang, so I answered it.....



It was a collector from Sony Record Service. He said You can move, change your name, or whatever.

They have spies everywhere, and they'll track you down until you pay for the two regular price CDs!!!!!

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I got the 10 free CD's when I was 15. They never sent me any more CD's, and never contacted me for payment or anything. Sweet deal.

Well, except that they had a crappy selection so I ended up with a Sponge CD that I still have but never listened to.


Put it on eBay and see what you can get for it. Gotta be someone out there just looking for a mint Sponge CD.

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