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Adding a subwoofer to a monitoring setup - does it need to be a "studio" subwoofer?

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Like the title says, I'm thinking of adding a subwoofer and possibly a set of smaller near fields to my monitoring setup. My current monitors have a pretty decent bass response but I could use another reference.

My question is, do I have to get a subwoofer made for monitoring, or can I use one from a hi-fi or surround setup? I work at a thrift shore and there are several of the latter available that I could get for free. Of course they aren't powered, but is there any other reason why they wouldn't work in a monitoring situation?

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Just make it switchable so you can turn it on and off.

I use two sets of subs. I have my nearfields, a set of three way Hifi Speakers,

then I have a second set of 8" speakers in cabs under the recording console so my

feet can feel the bass, not nessasarily my ears. Then I have a set of high end Harmon

Kardon computer speakers that have a center sub that I can turn on, and if I want to hear the

mix at ear bleeding levels, I can turn my PA system on which is about 2500w and play the sound from

a full set of horns, Mid and bass bins.

if my mixes sound good through any one, combo, or all, I'm pretty close to having a good mix.


I do shut all of those down for most of the mixing on the nearfields though.

I track through my monitors system recording parts direct too so having those extra speakers

for tracking bass is very helpful in getting some beef happening for a natureal sound.

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