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Monthly Rant: I was asked to play Keyboards for a showband....


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Must be nice to wanted so much.

You realize we let you hang out here purely because of your sexyness right? Cause you're definitely not a bass player anymore.


Its been weird: Ive been turning down keys gigs left and right - Its nice to have work :thu: even if its not on bass --- This one Im gonna do because it doesnt interfere with my steady bread-and-butter night gigging schedule and its not going to take too much of my time, even for the rehearsals and those are paid....Theres gonna be a lot of driving involved but the cash is gonna be well-worth it ( the pay varies for some reason but I was told the minimum to expect per man is $225 for a two-hour gig, but it pays more also for other gigs and gives me plenty of time to make the 1 hour drive back).....The only bogus thing about it is that this group dresses up like mechanics onstage: Everyone has to wear these grey Dickies coveralls and they make up the stage with props like its a garage....Whatever...Just pay me

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