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Disco Cat

Can someone help me and EQ an audio recording from a break and enter at my place?

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I left my phone video recording by my front door coz I knew some people was around the place and wanted to hopefully catch a look at their faces. Yes, cops were called, they came then went. These thieves were looking for my car keys, and I had run out on them a week or so earlier as they were trying to jack my car. The recording is from video footage, but the footage doesn't show the people, as it was next to the door and would have captured someone as they walked past the door. They didn't get to come in because I came upstairs after hearing something. In the footage, my cat walks around the corner, senses, then walks towards the door, which you hear unlock and open. When it opens a police siren in the distance is heard and a girl says something and part of it sounds like "aww, it likes me." The noise of my phone is extremely high, so it's very hard to hear what she's saying, since it's facing the other way and separated by a wall. I had to crank my volume to max and listen many times while playing with the EQ to make out "aw, it likes me." Anyone think they can make the faint voices in this recording clearer? I tried without really any luck. http://www.mediafire.com/?krahokbj39p1o0j

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I was able to boost it and remove most of the white noise.


To me it sounds like someone talking behind a wall in the beginning.

I cant make out whats being said nomatter what I try. The ambiant noise

and lack of mic responce doesnt make it possible.

Theres some banging around and you hear a guy cough at 00:29 and the

clear his throat at about 00:35 but thats about all I can make out clearly.

I couldnt tell if thats a female voice behind that wall, but by the cadence

it sounds male to me, not female.


This is all I could do with it.



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