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Can someone do me a HUGE favor?


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It involves Genz Benz...


I'm loving what I'm reading/hearing about the amps. I love the finger and slap sound, but was wondering if someone could do me a huge favor:


I play with a pick at times, and enjoy a nice deep growl for the punk band I play in. I use a P bass primarily, but will soon throw in a jazz to mix it up. Can someone PLEASE record a clip or two (or twelve) of a GB (preferably a 1200, 750, 600 or NeoPak) being played through with a P or J, with a pick? Dial in what you think is the best "rock" settings, and play away. And, if clips are made, could you please list your settings, too?


I would wholeheartedly appreciate it. I've been looking at getting a second amp, and GB seems so versatile.


Thanks to ANYONE who will do this for me. Who knows, it might convert people! :idea:

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Not a pick but listen to the tone in this...


I play a P/J, and use the 750 tube channel for pick style rock, and I can tell you these amps can ROCK.


Wow...that sounds {censored}ing amazing even on my laptop speakers:D.

As a side note, if anyone wants to send me a GB amp, I will gladly record some clips for him:D





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