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Jazz bass. rewire,new pickups,shielding Qs!

Daryl Chaney

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got me new lindy fralins to put into my jazz bass.


I got 1 or 2 stupid questions.


1.) Im just about to shield the cavities with copper sheilding, should i sheild the pickup cavities ?


2.) does it matter which way around the pickups are ? ie. turning eithier of the pickups around in their own cavities (im not asking if it matters if the bridge is in the neck...)


3.) my jazz is a Fender MIM and the wiring is very strange. theres no ground connection, all the pots are grounding themselves and theres no connection to the sleeve of the input jack. - would this cause more noise than usual?


3 a.) and if i were to use the schematic below, do all grounds just go to the bridge? or do i need a grounding plate?


also is their any difference with these two at all ?






Any help would be cool, whatever i learn will be passed onto any other formuites in the future. :cop: (had to use the new guy!)

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