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Limited edition Ibanez's


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No, but I've got one of the Luthite Ergodyne EDB 605's.

That BTB600 looks more feature packed (diff bridge, and bartolini's), but has the 3band eq... and it obviously isn't made of Luthite...



The tone shaping options are insane with that active eq!

If the neck is similar, then it will be a dream to play with its low action and near flawless low-B string. I can play the thing all day.

My only prob with it, is that my band plays in Drop-C, so I use a 4-string T-bird instead. If I had a 4-stringer, I'd tune it to Drop-C and use that!! I even considered buying the EDB600 when I saw one on eBay a few months ago!


Definately an under-rated bass!

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