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Cutting songs apart, long wav files recorded with a tascam dp-008

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Can somebody give me a quick answer on this? I'd actually love to get 3 to five of these songs onto a CD and give them to a guy as a demo, like yesterday. Don't really feel like paying the local studio to cut them... may do that later and tweak quality but for now - it's a good live recording and I'd love to split it -

If there some free software I can download to cut these 20 songs apart, so I don't just have an hour and a half that runs straight through?

Audacity? Something else? Thanks in advance.

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Audacity should be able to do it.

I use Cool Edit for any kind of editing like that but any daw should be able to do it.


You simply load the entire file, Find where the first song ends, Highlight the rest of the songs,

the click Delete.


Then you save the first song with a new name. Then you undo the delete, highlight the first song,

delete it, highlight everything after the second song, delete it, then save the second song thats left with a new name.


Then undo the the delete and continue on till you're down to the last song.

Its as simple as using a word processor like Microsoft word deleting words from a sentance leaving

one word at a time and giving the saved file a new name. Just be sure to work with a copy of the original file.

If the long file is called - live by so & so-, when you load it up, save it right away as - Live by so & so 2 - then

close the original and work with the copy. If you screw up editing, the original file is untouched.


Besides audacity, you can CNet download.com and download a free audio editor that doesnt have all the bells and whistles

Audacity has. Theres plenty designed for ripping LP records into single songs. Some are even automated. you set up markers and

it will cut them into single songs in a single step.

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