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How do you lessen string noise from sliding?

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This would be a post recording fix I'm looking for. if you listen to the first few seconds of this song you'll see what I'm talking about:


I'm not looking to silence it. Just mute it a bit. If it's an EQ issue, what frequency do you cut?


P.S. Any other mixing tips would be appreciated as well. I'm getting better but I've got a lot of work to do. If it matters I've recorded this in Logic 9.

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Thats pretty extreme. You should have lubed the strings and finger tips before performing,

and improved the playing technique by lifting the fingers, and moving the mic away from the neck, but since its

there I suggest you use a parametric EQ. Creat a sharp peak with a low q, then scroll through the frequencies

till all you hear is the string noise, then turn the sharp peak into a sharp valley. Its likely going to be in the 4~6K

range some place. I cant tell you exactly without doing it myself, but you'll find it easy enough.


The depth and width of the vally will attenuate but not remove the noise. You will loose other benificial

frequencies in that area but this is RX and theres going to be a trade off for the offensive vs lacking.

Yopu may be able to enhance dome other frequencies to compensate for the losses, but dont go wild.

Just stick with a narrow band and take it down maybe 8~12db and you should be good.

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Easiest to hardest:


You can use a de-esser which may help to some extent.


Or you could actually edit the waveform and eliminate or bring the volume down, as many squeaks occur between notes.


Or you could re-track the part.



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