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Funny how life works.... (Bloggish, and DC related)


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Ok, so a couple weeks ago i asked about Winchester VA, as I had received a job offer there. So this week, I left Tampa, FL, and drove up there, presumably to start the new job next Monday. Lovely area, but the town is tiny. So as I'm driving around Monday night trying to get a feel for the neighborhoods for my apartment hunting the next day, I get a call from another job I had given up on ever getting. They had been waiting for a govt agency to give me (and the other contractors) facility access, but it had been a couple months. ANyway, long story short, I will now be living in the DC area, working for an alphabet agency, and making roughly double what i was as an Army guy. (No, I can't tell you what I will be doing :)) I'm pretty excited, and it gets us even closer to my wifes family, which makes her happy. And we'll really be able to enjoy life here for a change, which I am very much looking forward too. Of course, I also had my first "what the hell am I doing?" moment yesterday as I drove to my buddies place in rush hour traffic. Its like vehicular pudding!!! So yeah, any other DC area forumites?

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