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i just farted and its piping HAWT!!!!!!!!!


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Nah a dutch oven is too easy...take an empty 2 liter soda bottle and squeeze it just enough so when you let go it will pop itself back in shape...test it a few times to get the perfect re-intake of air...then after you found the spot:

squeeze and hold...put it down there...fart into it while releasing your grip on it...put your hand over top, recap it.

In a few days from now when your farts aren't stinkin' grab that bottle point it in your face uncap and squeeze that bad boy. :thu:

Or squeeze it at a friend...a party favorite.


Another one is to just fart directly in your hand and throw it at people. or smell it yourself if you want


I used to make 2 liter bottles, thats how i know the bottle trick. :evil::freak:

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