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Replacement 12" Speaker


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Okay, so my Ampeg Classic Series 212 has a torn speaker, as it has been since last Xmas. I just duct taped it and moved on. However, now the tear is extending around the cone area and am afraid the new speaker repair job (el duct tape-o) just isn't going to cut it. Furthermore, as evidenced by the 200 watt RMS rating, used in conjunction with an Ampeg 410 Classic, and a 450 watt at 8 ohm SVT-III Pro, the 212 just can not keep up with the higher volumes. So, to avoid buying a whole new 212, what about upgrading both speakers? I know there needs to be consideration for resonance frequency, ported (which the 212 is), volume of cab, etc... but I don't know much about these things. I like the sound quite a bit, but I want to know if I can upgrade to 300+ watts and still get a very similar or better sound. Any thoughts?

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