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New gear woes... (LittleMark250)

Bill Carr

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It works! I have now finally got to try it out with my Peavey cab, and it works. And it has some pretty sweet tone, so in that respect I'm quite happy.


It is louder at than my previous amp (Hughes & Kettner 150w combo) and the eq seems very effective, as do the pre-shape filters. I'm not sure they'll be much use in combination, but individually they did prety much what I thought they would - the "vintage" one gave a warm, rounded and slightly fuzzy tone, whereas the "modern" gave a very low-end heavy, ever-so-slightly clanky and hollow tone.


I think what happened to my first amp is that the internal power supply broke. Switching on the new amp, there's a definite "click" as the power comes on and the cooling fan engages, and it's very similar to the noise I heard when my old amp went pop.


I'm still sweating over whether to keep it or sell it and buy something I feel that I can trust. I have a fairly rigorous gigging schedule and I can't afford for my amp to break again. I'm torn because on the evidence so far, it's going to be a really good amp and do exactly what I want - and more. But if it breaks I'll have to pay nearly

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