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Anyone modded monitors before?

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Ok; so I have a pair of Alesis M1 Active Mk II monitors; they aren't amazing, but they consistently get high marks for their price range.

All in all, they have been good, however, my left tweeter has stopped working, and I've been having some trouble getting a replacement from Alesis.

Eventually, I want to upgrade to a more serious pair of speakers, but for now, I was wondering if I could maybe upgrade the tweeters in both my monitors.

Has anyone done this? My roomate is a whiz at electronics (he built both my amps and most of my pedals) so I'm sure he can give me a hand and adjust crossovers or anything like that.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has tried something like that? Switching tweeters or woofers in monitors or any other mods.

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Try Parts Express. If they dont have it, they might have something very close.

If you do get something different, buy a pair so both sides produce the same responce.

Maybe a pair of soft domb tweeters or ribbon tweeters would work.

Would be better if you had the specs so you could match the SPL and frequency range

But you may have to take your best guess. Measure the hole size too so you dont have to


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