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Scored a YBA200!

Fiery Furnace

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For $475!


Local music store was having a huge midnight madness sale, so we went and checked it out, wandered around, grabbed a stereo adapter for my Ric, then I saw it on my second pass of the store, just a single YBA200, marked down for $979 to $475! I knew it was an amazing deal so I tried it out.


It didn't sound amazing at first, but I knew that it had potential, and I knew the cheap peavey cab and the $200 Jay Turser bass I was playing though wouldn't compare to my own rig.


So I bought it, took it back to the jam space, plugged in the Ric, and cranked it up! It was LOUD! And it sounded sweet, a lot of versatility... could use a touch more grit on the preamp, but I have a Bassdrive pedal, so that pretty much takes care of that.



I haven't got to jam with the full band yet, but so far I'm liking this thing :thu:



I get the sense that the tubes could be replaced to be even sweeter, I have some vintage 12AX7's that I might toss in the preamp and see what happens. Any other tips?

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