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please ID this washburn bass

D Aussie

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I don't know either but it looks just like an Aria Pro II Cardinal bass (CSB-300 or 350 or 380).

I'm watching
like it on eBay this week.



I have that exact same bass. i never play it anymore, but my parents gave it to me for my 17th birthday in 1987!

It is a solid instrument, for sure.

THe neck is really thick, thicker than a Pee bass but not as thick as a Rick.

It is a fully coloured and lacquered neck, too, which some people dont like.

THe only criticism I would level on this insrument, is that the strings sit very high from the body of the bass compared to a Fenfer jazz or Pee bass.

THis might suit you, or might not. I found my playing seemed to improve a lot after I stopped playing the washburn.

I really like the strings thru the body, and I changed my pickup covers and knobs to black, like BOAlg said.:thu:

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