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Online help with learning to play funk on bass


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Slap does not mean funk. I have never slapped a single riff in a funk tune.


Funk is simple. Listen to the drums, find the pocket. Crawl so deep into that pocket that to outside observers, you're {censored}ing invisible. Mind the changes, play simple melodies that follow the pulse of the kick drum. Practice ghost notes to use for accents.


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For slapping, check out the stuff Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, and Louis Johnson have done.



Actually, Bootsy doesn't slap a whole heckuvalot


+1 for Louis Johnson ( My favorite and my hero) and Larry Graham


more awesome slap-funk bassplayers:


Ray Ransom (Brick)

Mark Adams (Slave)

Johnny Flippin ( Fatback)

Fred Hammond ( solo artist and late 80s/early 90s Commisioned)

Bill "The Buddah" Dickens

Johnny B Gayden

Abe Laboriel

Ready Freddie Washington

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