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To Guitargod and Poltergeist: Re: Pickle Pie

Undead Sycip

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Here's my opinion about it CTRL V'd from Talkbass with a little editing



The Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie Fuzz. Apparently a Swollen Pickle clone (which, in turn, is based on the Big Muff). $180 shipped to my doorstep.


The pedal arrived securely packed. Included were a plain paper manual, a coupla Wren and Cuff picks and a coupon good for $10 off another Wren and Cuff pedal. The literature says it's for me or my friends so PM me if you want this coupon.


The pedal itself seems solidly built. The innards look neat and the components feel topnotch (I love the Dakaware knobs!). The jacks are on the side while the Boss style DC input is up top.


Speaking of knobs, there are three. Volume, Saturation (fuzz control) and Shape (tone and body). Mine also has a little toggle on the side for flat mids or normal response.


The sound. First, this pedal reminds me of the Frantone Lo Tone. Why is that? Because both pedals provide a big bass BOOST when engaged. Yup, watch your cab and your volume when you switch this pedal on. The difference is that the Frantone provides a boost that you can't dial out. The Pickle Pie's bass kick only occurs past the 1 O clock position of the Shape knob.


It's easy to dial in a setting that will make it sound just like a Big Muff (in fact, I got my old Big Muff sound, but with more bass, right away). However if you work on the Shape and Saturation knobs, you can get a strange gate like effect too. You can almost nail that Snoop Doggy Dogg "bassline" with this setting. You can also get a real tinny fuzz when the Shape is fully counterclockwise.


Anyhoo, I wanted a Big Muff derivative in a smaller form factor and was set to get an LBM but am glad that I sprang for the extra moolah for this pedal. I like it. It's a keeper.

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It is. I rarely log in there anymore, and I was there a lot before. Still have more posts there than here, but catching up fast.


+1 I post there the odd time, I still have my older username there. I mainly just post Aria related stuff or lurk and look at nice bass pics. :)


As far as conversation goes, I find it crap.

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