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I Modified my 77 Fender Jazz!


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I have purchased this 77 Fender Jazz bass new in 1983, it has since had the frets replaced once, I have added an Audere Audio preamp and changed the pickups to Fender Cobalt Noiseless PUP's, it has a new life. You may click or copy the link below to here this bass. The clip says "78", but it is actually a"77".



Lefty 4 string 77 Fender Jazz USA

Lefty 5 string Brice 75 Reissue Jazz

Lefty 4 string SX 75 Reissue Jazz

Lefty 5 string TBC (The Bass Company) JT-500 JJ Jazz

Lefty 5 string Ken Smith Design KSD 705 Jazz

Lefty 6 string Ravenwest RB6000 Bass

Lefty 5 string Michael Kelly Fretless Acoustic / Electric Bass


See Pics @ www.dreamregime.net/id2.html

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it's a lefty, good chance it didn't sell in that period

That makes more sense. I couldn't imagine a Jazz Bass sitting on the shelf for 6 years before anyone bought it. Especially back in the early 80's where you didn't really have all that great of a selection of modestly-priced basses that played and sounded any good.



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