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Our first music video!


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Don't tempt Joe to get more drums, even in jest; he'll still take you seriously!!
:D And I'll have to help carry them all!!

We thought the flag would be a funny touch. An old bass drum head, of course!


As cool as that vid was, I think the flag was my fav part. That was great. Loved how the dots in th clef were drums too, nice detail.


Awesome tone, the tune had a great hook in the bass. I'm sold!


I've always wanted to do a 2 piece like you have, but I can't sing and am not a strong enough riff writer to pull it off, I don't think. Seems weird to add a singer just to sing though, when the rest of the line up is not conventional.


Ideally I'd like to find a more stay at home bass player (even better if they can sing), so I can go nuts with effects and do some chording up the neck.


It's always been a dream, one I have yet to find the other weirdos like me to fulfill.


Keep up the great work Amy. :thu: You are an inspiration to many of us.


Interesting side note... I started playing bass because of another woman who used a Ric... Juliana Hatfield.

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Oh, you don't know how much that means to me, Renfield! There are so many days when I wonder why the heck I'm putting myself through it all, why I'm sticking it out in a ridiculous and unrelenting industry doing something that is pretty out there. But hearing stuff like that totally makes it all worth while!!!!


I say go for it and give it a try! Don't worry about your riff writing; my biggest fear when we hatched this plan was that I couldn't pull it off by myself. I didn't think my skills were good enough to hold their own as the only stringed instrument. I thought I had to be able to play all kinds of solos and crazy runs and stuff. But Joe believed in me and urged me to give it a try, and we had a lot of fun just throwing our ideas out there and seeing what would happen. You'll find other weirdos out there, don't worry! :D


Speaking of weirdos, have you checked out Toup

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