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Let's revisit the iPod shuffle game.

james on bass

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Time for another iPod or MP3 shuffle thread.


Hit shuffle on your players, and list the first 10 songs...


Room a Thousand Years Wide - Soundgarden

Circumstances - Rush

Someone Else? - Queensryche

I am a Man of Constant Sorrow - Soggy Bottom Boys

Learning to Live - Dream Theatre

Micro-Kid - Level 42

Feels Like Love - Vince Gill

She Got Me - Masters of Reality

Kentucky Woman - Deep Purple

Reelin In the Years - Steely Dan.


Not one of my best shuffles. :rolleyes:

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I like this game, here goes:


The Troubles - The Roches

Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

What Goes On - Velvet Underground

52 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson

A Measured Room - Brian Eno

Flower Girl - Joe Henry

Tupelo - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Leonora's Song - Astor Piazzola

Notes on Air - Alejandro Escovedo

Third Eye - Tool

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Pinball Wizard - The Who

Park Lane Punch Up - Toy Dolls

Serve the Servants - Nirvana

Otis - Medeski, Martin & Wood

Lonesome and Unwanted People - The Meters

Midnight Lullaby - Tom Waits

Shakin' All Over - The Who

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Toy Dolls

Little Walter Rides Again - Medeski Martin and Wood

Carousel - Mr. Bungle


This was actually off of my iTunes.

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Zune shuffle...


She's Like Heroin - System of a Down

Vision - King's X

Home - Three Days Grace

Mr. Pastorius - Marcus Miller

If You Leave - The Cure

Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man - Public Enemy

Grey Street - Dave Matthews Band

Get Away - King's X

Crying in the Chapel - Elvis

Junkie Man - Rancid

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Okay, first 10 on mine


Everything was white - Demon Hunter

The Interview - AFI

Faster Car - Keith Urban

Fear and Love - Stavesacre

So I thought - Flyleaf

Gretystone Chapel (Folsom Prison album) - Johnny Cash

Gravity - The Fold

Show Me Your Glory - Third Day

All Your Reasons - Matchbox Twenty

The Corners I'll Stand On - Staple


Man, this time my player leaned heavily toward hard rock. Honestly, there's a lot more on there than just that.

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Let's Build a Home- White Stripes

Lengthwise- Phish

Mutron Angel- Outkast

So Lonely- The Police

The Private Psychedelic Reel- Chemical Brothers

Suffragette City- David Bowie

Jesus Christ Pose- Soundgarden

This Year's Love- David Gray

O My God- The Police

All Things Reconsidered- Phish

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Streetlight Manifesto - We Will Fall Together

John Mayer Trio - Daughters

Beatles - I Want You (Shes So Heavy)

Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie

The Forces of Evil - Go To Hell

Pearl Jam - Alive

Joe Satriani - Made of Tears

Tower Of Power - Remember Love

Steve Vai - All About Eve

Muse - Showbiz


Ooh, that wasn't a bad list.

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Me again...



Supernaut - Black Sabbath

You Got to Funkifize - Tower of Power

50 Mission Cap - Tragically Hip

Deep - Pearl Jam

Bittersweet - Hoodoo Gurus

A Little Less Talk - Toby Keith

So Help Me - Raging Slab

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Stanley Clarke

Moonchild - Iron Maiden

10001110101 - Clutch.



Now that my friends, is a damn fine shuffle! I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket. :thu:

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