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SX P bass or Peavey Fury V?


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I'm trading a Peavey T-25 guitar and have two really good offers on the table. One is for an SX P bass that has upgraded the electronics with full-size Alpha pots and a new input jack. There is also a new tusq nut on it. The owner deglossed the neck and body which makes it much smoother to the touch. The other is for a Peavey Fury V with a transparent green quilt top and w/ active EQ. I've got a Highway 1 P bass and a Fender Prodigy P/J. Both are 4 string. The Highway 1 has passive electronics and the Prodigy has active. The new bass would be number 2 or 3 in my stable. I'm leaning toward the Fury V because it is a 5 string. I play all kinds of music. Any advice? Thanks!

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