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The "bands I don't get" thread!!!


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This is not a thread to bash anyone's favorite bands, nor should anyone engage in convincing.


I want folks to list some bands that are enormously popular, but that just don't do it for you personally.


Please, also refrain from "Rap sucks" typoe comments. I want specifics! What bands/ artists do you just not understand the appeal of?


I am gonna start with one that's probably gonna piss a lot of you off, but please leave your flamethrowers down:


Rush- great players, good songwriting, but........just not my cuppa tea. I can tell there's something going on there, but...... Meh!


Weather Report- I dig em, in small doses, but I generally like a little more hummable melody.


Deftones- I don't mind the heavy, but I dunno.....they just don't hit me.


Dream Theater- See Rush...... Great players, and technical wizards, but not one memorable song.


Next voters???

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Lynyrd Skynyrd - They just never struck a chord with me

Dream Theatre - Boring wankery at its finest. There is no groove there that tugs at any of my emotions or makes me want to snap my fingers or sway back and forth.

Nirvana - Grohl is better on his own.

Grateful Dead - No reason other than I just don't get the fascination.


As genres go I just don't care for ska beyond small doses. It's like playing the same thing over and over and over and over. I really feel sorry for the rhythm guitarists in that genre, because every song is exactly as I stated. On the uptick always-at least in the popular stuff.

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Dream Theater = a bunch of guys masturbating all over their instruments


Technically, any one of them could shred me. And I respect their abilities. But really, there is very little "life" in their music. It's just a bunch of, "Hey! Look how fast I can play this arpeggio!"




my .02

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AC/DC is a good one.
Aerosmith is another for me.

To those that said Springsteen, I wholeheartedly agree. I HATE his music, except for Nebraska which oddly is one of my favorite albums ever.


+1 to aerosmith, with the exception of 'live bootleg'..off-time, bad mix, drunken stoner stadium rock at its finest...

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