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OLP vs. SX

rx jr.

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how is it compared to an SX or an OLP MM-2?

playability and construction/quality-wise.



I can't speak for either of those fairly, as I haven't played them.


I can, however, compare it to MIM and MIA Fenders, which just about everyone has tried at one point or another.


First of all, it came set up pretty poorly. I set it up myself, adjusting it just how I wanted it. I put a new set of strings on as well, as the stock ones were horrible. D'Addario Mediums and a little bit of tweaking and it was a whole new bass.


After the strings and setup, I compared it to two MIM Jazz basses, and a MIA P Bass (I know, different animals entirely, but I was looking more at playability and resonance)


The '70s Jazz blew both MIM's out of the water in all aspects. Playability, sound, finish, everything. Just an all around much better bass.


As for the MIA, I'd put the '70s Jazz fairly close to it in terms of fit and finish. Playability on the '70s Jazz was much better though, as is the body's resonance. Tonewise I can't compare them, as one's a P bass, and the other's a Jazz bass.


Personally, even if I had the option to trade for either a MIM or MIA, I'd stick with the '70s Jazz. I like it a lot, and that's stock aside from the strings. I'll eventually replace the bridge and pots, and maybe even the pickups. After that, I can't imagine any MIA Fender holding a candle to it.

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