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A couple of observations from the MAcy's parade........


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1) apparently, the trendy new thing on Broadway is to base a musical on a crappy (or in this case, brilliant, but hardly suitable) movie from the 70's or 80s. Current Broadway shows include "Young Frankenstein" and "Xanadu". And we complain about Hollywood.....


2) The old classic balloons and floats that have been there for decades still amaze, but the new ones.......meh.


3) the cast of Sesame street" has gotten old as hell! Maria and Luis are in their 50's, Bob looks like someone's Grandpa, and Luis and Maria's little baby, Gaby, is like 21 or something.


4) jordin Sparks, whose new CD dropped Tuesday, is amazing, and beautiful, but her song, Tattoo, sucks!! Whoever is producing her (Ron Fair, Simon Fuller....this means you) need to get the same folks who work with Christina Aguilera, and write this girl songs that involve her actually sinigng!!!! She is too good for that crap!

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