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So my Rondo MM Clone came in.


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OK, opening the box a package with cables and allen wrenches fell out... Cool beans, my fretless didn't come with anything. I had planned on repainting it, but the silver/white actually look really sweet. The finish on it is flawless and the speckled silver is pretty damn cool looking, I must admit. My only real complaint is that the pickup had some plastic wrap on it, and I had to actually unscrew and remove the pup a little so I could finish taking it off.


The frets are all smooth on the edges and the neck feels pretty good. My A-string is messed up though, and I'm not technical enough with bassythings to diagnose it. I uploaded a clip for you guys, but again, sorry about the messed up string. It's better than nothing though, so quit your complainin' :mad: I haven't played in about 6 months btw, and I only played for a few months prior to that, so pardon my very bad playing. I only noodled for a few minutes before throwing this up.


Short recording of SX - This was done directly through my 800RB with the EQ on flat.







Any others who received yours, pipe in with what you think about it... Everyone else, discuss :p


Oh, and tell me what you think is wrong with my A, it sounds awful :( I tried to find songs that didn't use A much but I failed miserably.

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