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Tech in the Lowell/Billerica, MA Area?


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Does anyone have any suggestions of a good tech in northeastern MA southern NewHampshire area?


I'm bring my son his b-day bass next week and I'm driving it out to him so I can't it looked at local(or by Kindness) before I go.


Billerica, Lowell, Cambridge,Tewksbury, Nashua are close enough.


Oh yeah, this is the buzzing A string bass from my other thread.



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the good techs book a month out.

do you need a setup?

did/would the store you bought the bass at do a setup?

what kind of bass is it?



I absolutley need a setup! That could do it too. I'll try that local before I go out East.

I bought it through the mail.


It's a Traben Array NT (Yeah I know. It's for my kid's 15th b-day and he digs 'em) Actually a very good looking axe if you like that kind of stuff. Big tramp stamp bridge, quilted maple, etc.

All good except the A.


BTW WTF is a Picofarad?

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You may live to regret that question!
The giant cable test thread/bitch session will answer that for you.

I'll put a call into a musician friend of mine who used to live in Lowell area and see if he has any suggestions.


Thanks! That would be great.


Maybe I'm just being too picky cause it's for my kid. It buzzes unplugged. Couldn't plug it in last night(neighbors).

I just had a chance to plugit in I can't hear the buzz through the amp:)

....but it shouldn't be there at all:mad:

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Jim is now booking January.



Thanks and Damn!

I'll start with the set-up at a local shop.


If it still needs work. Maybe I can look him and prepay while I'm out there to get a professional overhaul on it. The boys mom can drive him when Jim is ready. Cambridge is very close for them.

Was Porter Square the name of his store /bussiness in the post?



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Thanks for the info. I'll keep him in mind for later use. I decided to take it to a local store. The guy said he had worked on Alembec neck thrus when I called. When I walked in I got a nice suprise. Real luthiers! Tools lathes and all kind of {censored} in a windowed room. The old dude claims to be an ex-Gibson authorized repairman with some loose connection still. He's got an apprentice guy that went to some fretted instrument school in Michigan.

They start production of their stuff in January. I think they can handle the Traben.

Thanks again for everyone's input.

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