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I saw this production earlier this year. It was interesting - pretty hit and miss. Some elements were weak and some were really done well.


Ted Neeley - definately had my doubts that he could pull it off (61 year old Jesus?), but he did well for the most part. At the beginning his performance/voice were definately a bit thin, but he just nailed the market scene and was strong from that point on. He did, however, have one really distracting thing going on; which I believe was the fault of the stage direction. Anytime he had no lines, he was looking skyward with this beseeching look on his face, and moving his lips as if he was having a private conversation with god - it was kinda annoying.


Corey Glover was fantastic. A perfect casting for Judas. Definately the high point of the production. A stellar performance - worth the price of admission in itself.


Mary was ok, nothing great but not weak either - likewise for Simon. Caiaphas had a phenomenal voice but was a terrible actor. Herod was just miserably bad all around. Pilate was pretty darn good. The priests were played with a slightly comic edge - which was stupid and made them vastly less menacing than they should have been.


The staging was minimalistic and was ok; the lighting was very good. The one scene that was really cool, and quite well done, was at the leper colony - very creative. The ascension into heaven (off the cross) was actually way cool too.


The music was alright. I was kinda disappointed in "the band". They used a live bassist, and drummer (e-drums) but pretty much everything else was sequenced synths. Much less "rock" than there should have been in this "rock-opera".


So, like I said - spotty. Some good (actually great), and some bad. All in all it was worth seeing, but wasn't a high point in my theatre going life.

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